Flowers in the UK between Summer and Autumn

As the climate alters, flowers re-design their schedule according to spring in reverse. Defining the true meaning of colour, life and the cyclical process of all things reborn …each time with a knowledge of all that is divine in nature’s way.

Tiffany Belle Harper ©

Evie Blossom

Lie me on my back, cuddle me now, raspberries on belly.

Love me long time … flirty.


Evie Blossom

Namaste on water


When small detail catches the eye. Hand-painted little love canisters.

Tiffany Belle Harper©

Boat roof pansies in Spring


We can make a garden anywhere. Flowers have the right to grow where ever they wish.

Tiffany Belle Harper©

Where Mother Nature resides in all life – we must bow before her.


A manifestation of all that slept to Earth’s core with blissful growing and contemplation – before revealing the decadence of colour, substance and variety above ground for Spring. Where Mother Nature embodies all that is pure and of the divine in her heavenly soil.

There is joy in new life in all that we see.

We slow down to befriend fairies, find the unknown below leaf covered stems. The bountiful mystery of the earth we behold. Sacred to all – known by few. The gateway being love of the infinite however we distinguish or recognise – Mother Nature finds those destined for great things in the now to grow and change alongside her with cyclical landscape.

By Tiffany Belle Harper©

Pub in Yorkshire

2010-12-31 23.00.00-16.jpg

Am ceiling gazing in my favourite pub. Going to do a review about it where there’s loads more pictures. But I love this one. Why? Because here I am in my favourite anorak for which I am hiding tomorrow until winter as I am too attached to it. It’s not right or reasonable to be in love with a coat. Incidentally, the wall mirror is a wardrobe door.

Tiffany Belle Harper©

Darth Vader in a junk shop in Leeds


There’s just something so righteously intriguing about this big piece of plastic. I may buy it. Am now wondering what those little buttons on his chest piece do. They may make him light up. Am fascinated.

Tiffany Belle Harper©

The Nature Dress


Dresses always look so pretty yet they’re often most uncomfortable to wear. I loved this. I wouldn’t wear it. I’d put it on a mannequin and just stare at it. It’s probably gone now. I wonder who got it? Perhaps I’ll just make one myself out of bits.

Tiffany Belle Harper©

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